My name is Tony Scott and I was born and raised here in Las Vegas. I have been a group fitness instructor and strength coach for over five years in the Las Vegas Valley.  I work as a strength coach for the GVHS soccer program and the Artesia Punishers club softball team. I have four boys that have grown up around sports and physical activities. I have always made sure that I was actively involved in their schooling and sports.

My mother was a physical education teacher for over 15 years (she was my grade school PE coach) so I was raised with an education in fitness and movement.  I played many sports year round throughout my childhood and have been lucky enough to learn from some pretty amazing coaches that challenged and believed in me.  


I have always had a passion for working with kids.  My earliest jobs were as a youth counselor at the MGm Grand Hotel and coached and refereed in various after-school programs and sports camps.


My dream is to spread my passion for educating and motivating our youth throughout this city. If we can get to them early and inspire a love and understanding of how important being active is, we can plant that seed that will continue to grow with them and give back to them throughout their lives. And who knows, maybe I can change a few of their thoughts enough (Like my Mom did with me) and instill a passion in them as well.  Then they may grow up to pass on this knowledge and love to more kids.