High School Athlete Conditioning Camp

This class has been created in an effort to keep our HS athletes in peak physical shape during the COVID-19 shutdown of school sports. It is a HIIT style class that challenges athletes in strength, conditioning, flexibility and power. It will be a continuation of our extremely popular Summer Conditioning Team Camp program. 


We created our Summer Conditioning Team Camps in the summer of 2016 to meet the needs of the GVHS Soccer team. My two sons played for Coach Rivera at the time and I was one of his fitness instructors at RAW FITNESS (a local gym here in Las Vegas and Henderson).  He had experienced our methods of training first hand and knew that something similar to this would be perfect for his high school athletes to physically condition them for the coming season.  


He had tried other summer programs with the intention of getting his team in shape before the season began in the Fall but he found that the players were getting injured at an alarming rate with the style of conditioning being used. He knew there had to be something that could work better. 


Coach Rivera needed a program that could supplement his team intramural program and keep his kids healthy and free of injury. He knew that if he could start the season with athletes that were in top shape and had already been working together as a cohesive unit over the summer, he would have a major advantage when the season started. With our Summer Conditioning Team Camps, we have done just this! 


Where other methods focus predominantly with an emphasis on basic and advanced strength lifting with some conditioning and agility drills, our approach flips this around. From our small group exercises to our team challenges, every class is set up to promote team building. Our 60 minute bootcamp training sessions are geared to emphasize cardiovascular conditioning while building strength and endurance using light weights and stability challenging equipment. Easily modified workouts, for beginners to seasoned athletes, get heart rates up and challenge bodies to adapt and grow! This style of athletic conditioning promotes strength and agility while minimizing many of the inherent risks associated with traditional methods of strength training. 


Each day is a new workout focused on core muscle groups, from “coredio” to legs, upper and full body. No class is ever the same… variety is the key to sustained growth.  Our program is held in a judgement-free zone, so no matter where you are in your fitness journey, you’ll be supported, motivated and treated like family to encourage you and the goals of your team.


There are a few programs out there that have this same goal in mind.  We knew this and that is why we have taken a completely different approach...and it has been extremely successful with proven results!  Four weeks, FIVE days per week, 60 minute workouts, and EXTREMELY affordable classes (less than $5 per class) … This program allows High School athletes to remain in peak shape and be ready to jump right back into competitive sports.

High School Athlete Conditioning Camp